1. Completed projects:

1/1 Geographical Encyclopedia of Places in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:

The Saudi Geographical Society started in 1414 AH to take the scientific steps to implement the project of the Encyclopedia of Geographical Places, which aims to integrate the geographical dictionaries issued by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and put it on a single computer program after receiving generous support from His Royal Highness Prince Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister and Head of the National Guard. And His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Abdul Aziz, Governor of Riyadh region. The authors of these dictionaries are the editors of this encyclopedia. This project is supervised by three bodies: the General Supervisory Authority, the Editorial Board and the Audit and Auditing Board. The Encyclopedia was launched by a resolution of the General Assembly on 29/1/1419. The Encyclopaedia includes records of about 38,000 places in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The data of these places are quoted from the most famous geographical dictionaries that have been written about the Kingdom. It also contains information about the regions and governorates in which these places are located. It also includes 13 maps of the Kingdom’s regions as well as several maps and pictures shown in some places. Such as cities, villages, mountains, valleys, etc. This encyclopedia enables the user to link several main entries such as linking cities, governorates, regions, dictionaries, latitude and longitude coordinates, and enables user to obtain specific data within any text.

1/2 Establishment of a plant for the production of maps:

A laboratory was established to produce maps by computer and programs. The lab produced automatic maps for faculty members and for postgraduate students inside and outside the university.

1/3 Production of scientific films:

The Society of Geography of Saudi Arabia produced a series of scientific films and recorded lectures and symposiums held by the Assembly and the General Assemblies. The library also includes a large collection of videos from His Royal Highness Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdulaziz. (List of videos produced by the Saudi Geographical Society).

1 / 4- The second phase of the project of the geographical encyclopedia of places in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

1/5 – Saudi cities and countryside series.

1-6 lectures coming.

1-7-Distribution of publications outside the Kingdom.

1-8 Intensifying the media activity of the association.

1/9 – Activating scientific trips inside and outside the Kingdom.

1/10 – activate the financial support of the Assembly.

11/11 Development of the inventory system in the Assembly.

12/12 Establishment of branches of the Association in the regions of the Kingdom.

1/13 – Issuing pocket maps of the cities of the Kingdom.

1 / 14. Issue educational maps.