The implementation of the new Statute of the Saudi Geographical Society was approved during the 11th session of the King Saud University Research Council held on 28/5/1403 H designating King Saud University as the Sponsor and Headquarters for the Society with the possibility to establish, if necessity requires, additional branches in other places.

The Statute was amended within the guidelines regulating research societies operating in Saudi universities, which was ratified by the Higher Education Council in virtue of its decision No. 10/15/1420, and the endorsement by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, Chairman of the Higher Education Council, of the Council’s decision made during its 284 session held on 16/3/1421 H. The first General Congress Meeting of the Saudi Geographical Society took place on 28/3/1405 H. Prior to the establishment of the Saudi Geographical Society, there were a number of small geographical associations operating under the geography departments of the Saudi universities.

The preparation for the first Saudi Geographical Society General Congress meeting started with the approval of the new Statute as mentioned above, and based on its Article I. A three party committee was designated by the Department of Geography of King Saud University at its third meeting held on 6/2/1405 H and assigned the preparation of the first General Congress meeting of the Society and the formation of its Board.

Thirty-three consecutive meetings were held by the Society from 28/3/1405 H to 21/1/1438H. in which various issues and subjects related to the activities of the society were discussed and approved. During these sixteen years of the life of the society, an important volume of research publications has been achieved, in addition to a number of projects that the society is in the process of studying and implementing.