Trip of the Scientific Society to Azerbaijan

Saudi Geographical Society

Scientific trip to Azerbaijan

22-27 October 2017

The Saudi Geographical Society, as part of its activities in the field of scientific flights, will organize a scientific trip to Azerbaijan during the period 22-27 October 2017 as part of a series of specialized scientific trips. To the Eastern region, which had valuable results and received excellent attention.

It is hoped that this trip will result in in-depth scientific projects involving academics and interested members of the Saudi Geographic Society and the geographers of Azerbaijan to identify the positive and negative outcomes of the development and development processes and to ensure the sustainability of positive outcomes and finding solutions to negative outcomes to maintain a clean and healthy environment that fulfills the aspirations of the population and enhances their activities.


The first day: 22 October 2017:

Reception at Haidar Alif International Airport by the company representative and then go to the hotel and receive the rooms – time for rest, dinner.

Second day: October 23, 2017:

After the panel discussion, we will leave Baku and head to the city of Qabala, which is about 220 km from the capital for two days, where the European atmosphere, the charming green nature and the Caucasus Mountains. Qabala is the oldest city in Azerbaijan and is considered one of the most important tourist destinations in the country. After arrival go to the hotel and receive the rooms – city center tour – dinner – overnight.

Third day:24 October 2017:

After breakfast and at 10 am we will head to the Kebala Falls and then to Lake Nohor to enjoy its wonderful atmosphere, boating in the lake, lunch and tea, then head to Qabala Land to enjoy modern entertainment – dinner and return to the hotel – overnight.

Fourth day: October 25, 2017:

After breakfast and at 10 am we will leave Kabala city to the capital Baku and then to a restaurant for lunch and then we will go to the hotel to receive the rooms – a time to rest.

In the evening: a tour of the city-style tourist corridor, similar to the streets of Paris where many restaurants, cafés and gardens – dinner – overnight.

Fifth day:  October 26, 2017:

After 10 am, we will go to the Heydar Alif Center, which was established in 2012. It is considered one of the most important cultural centers in the world. It was designed by the Iraqi engineer Zaha Hadid. It was awarded the London Design Award and then went to Abshuran Peninsula, about 20 km from Baku. Which is believed to be a sacred mountain for not extinguishing the fire. The mountain is considered a religious shrine for some Zoroastrian believers from Iran, India and others. The fire rises about ten meters and then goes to the restaurant for lunch. Back to the hotel. Of. In the evening: round the mall May 28 for shopping – dinner – return to the hotel – overnight.

Sixth day: October 27, 2017:

At the Caspian Corniche on the Caspian coast to enjoy the great European atmosphere and take a photo of a souvenir shop and then a shopping tour of the Boulevard Mall, which includes shopping, restaurants and cinemas – go to Haider Alif International Airport and wish you a happy return trip.