The opening of the nomination for the Idrissi Prize for Geographical Excellence for the year 2017/2018 e in the Saudi Geographical Society

The Saudi Geographical Society opens the door to nomination for the Idrissi Award for Geographical Excellence for the year 2017/2018 

Geography has become a diverse field, and our country is full of springs of research and students of knowledge and creators. It is worth to thank and appreciate them for their efforts, time and sometimes material to achieve the objectives of this research. The Association established the “Idrissi Prize for Geographic Excellence” which aims to encourage the conduct of geographical research in general and the geography of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in particular, the development and activation of geographical thinking in all natural, human and technical geographical areas and the development of scientific and professional performance of Saudi geographers. It is a branch of the scientific and cultural movement in Saudi Arabia. The Society has awarded the prize in the field of geographic research to encourage innovation and the achievement of research that contributes to the emergence of the fundamentalist and applied geographers, and contributes to the consolidation of geographical thought and deepening the knowledge of generations of the importance of geographical knowledge.

The Saudi Geographical Society is recording a bright page in the record of scientific achievements in our dear country. The Society, which provides these illuminated pages of the scientific movement in our country, provides evidence, after proof, of the great interest of scientific research in various fields, including geography.

The Saudi Geographical Society is pleased to announce the opening of the nomination for the Award for the year 1438/1439 AH under the theme: “Sustainable Development”.

For more information, please visit, the Idrisi Award for Geographic Excellence.