IGC 2021

International Geoinformatcs Conference 2021 (29 – 31 March 2021)



    The International Geoinformatcs Conference 2021 aims to provide a scientific environment to discuss developments and future trends in geographic information science techniques and their applications in various fields, and to support decision-making in line with the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030 in achieving “an ambitious country with an effective government” and the pursuit of “e-government development” During the expansion of the range of electronic services provided, which include geographic information systems. The conference will be held during the period 29-31 March 2021. The conference will be held via Zoom technology.

1- Conference Objectives:

– New trends in Geoinformatics.

– Geoinformatics solution and decision making.

– Scientific meeting of Geoinformatics.

– Networking meeting.

– Exchange experience.

2- Conference Activities:

– work papers.

– A forum for decision makers.

– Gallery of modern upgrades.

– A virtual exhibition of new technologies.

– Scientific encounters.

– Press, television and radio seminars.

– Share experiences and experiences.

– Field visits.

3- Conference Themes:

– Geoinformatics in environment.

– Geoinformatics in safety and national security.

– Geoinformatics in exploring and mining.

– Geoinformatics in decision making.

– Geoinformatics in smart city.

– Geoinformatics in tourism .

– Geoinformatics in geospatial intellagence.

– Geoinformatics in water.

– Geoinformatics in Agriculture.

– Geoinformatics in natural hazard.

4- Time and Place of the Conference:

1- The conference will be held during the period 16-18 Shaaban 1442 AH (29-31 March 2021 AD).

2- The conference will be held electronically through the SGS in the zoom.

5- Conference Language:

Arabic / English

6- Important Dates:

Deadline for submitting abstracts: Shaaban 2, 1442 AH (March 15, 2021 AD).

Deadline for submitting complete papers: Shaban 12, 1442 AH (March 25, 2021 AD).


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