The electronic publishing vessel for scientific messages in the Saudi Geographical Society

(Approved by the Board of Directors of the Saudi Geographical Society at its 120th meeting on 21/1/1437 e).

Article (1): Objectives of the Unit:

Based on the interest of the Saudi Geographical Society in activating the geographical mobility and complementing its role in this field, the Board of Directors of the Assembly at its one hundred and nineteen session held on 9/8/1436 AH decided to add a new dimension to geographical distribution through the establishment of a new container for the electronic publication of scientific messages .

This proposed vessel is in response to the objectives of the Association as provided for in its statute, encouraging geographers and supporting their studies, and aims at mobilizing creative geographers and encouraging them to achieve greater excellence and creativity.


Article (2): Conditions of Publication:

This vessel is concerned with the dissemination of scientific messages to the Master and Ph.D. degrees, which deal with any of the geographical areas, and apply the following conditions:

The message should not have been published before.
To be objective and original and to deal with a new and good topic in his idea and treatment.
To be documented according to scientific methodology.
Be written in proper language.
The author should attach a recommendation from the supervisor of the thesis and from the members of the discussion committee that it is valid for publication.
The message should not have been discussed for more than three years before it is submitted for publication.
To be authorized by the jury which is formed for this purpose.


Article (3): Posting Controls:

1- The message is published electronically on the website of the association.
2. Published in PDF format.
3. The copyright of the Saudi Geographical Society shall be reserved for a period of five years.
4- The researcher may not publish the message electronically in other electronic publishing sites or containers.
5. Messages are given a serial number, for example:
Master Thesis “Geography Letters – Master (1)”.
PhD Thesis “Geography Letters – PhD (1)”
6. A number of master’s and doctorate dissertations, for example, three master’s and three doctoral dissertations, are set for each Hijri year.
7. The Society shall take procedures for obtaining the King Fahd National Library No. (ISBN).
8. The dissemination of scientific messages shall be restricted to Saudi researchers who have received their scientific applications from universities inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in any language.
9. A special cover is designed for master’s thesis and another for doctoral dissertations, including the logo of the association and reference to the efforts of the association in publishing.
10. The Society shall not grant any financial rights to the author, and the Society shall grant only 20% of the value of the sales of the publication (in case of electronic sale thereof).
11. The Society shall have the right to publish any message published through the website of the Society and the sites which it has with the Association.
12. Publication shall be subject to the publishing rules of the Saudi Geographical Society.
13 – All that is not mentioned in these controls shall be the reference in this publication controls in the Saudi Geographical Society.